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Standard Residential Home Inspection

Buy It Right Home Inspection’s Standard Residential Home Inspection exceeds the Standards of Professional Practice as set by the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration. Each inspection includes the assessment of the following areas of the home, as long as they are visible and accessible:

  • Structural Components
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical System
  • Roof
  • Attic
Standard Residential Home Inspection
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Appliances
  • Perimeter Fencing
Luxury home inspections scottsdale

Luxury Home Inspections

Buy It Right Home Inspections is your luxury home expert.  Luxury homes possess features and components that are not common in the standard home.  Luxury home owners sometimes have special requirements and confidentiality for their home inspections. The larger size and feature rich properties can be an overwhelming task for an inexperienced home inspector.  Experience with these components and needs are what sets Buy It Right Home Inspections apart.  Don’t trust your luxury home inspection with just anyone.  Buy It Right Home Inspections will provide you with peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving the best inspection available.
Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Having a home inspected before listing it for sale has several benefits. The seller will have the opportunity to repair any issues in the home before potential buyers begin walkthroughs and inspections of their own. By the time buyer inspections do start, the home can be more attractive to buyers.
One-Year Warranty Inspections

One-Year Warranty Inspections

Most new homes come with a one-year warranty after construction, which covers any defects or damages found during the first 12 months. It is important to have an inspection performed before this warranty is over, usually within the 11th month. Any issues found during the inspection can be reported and repaired, and the homeowner will not be financially responsible for the defects.
Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool and Spa Inspections

Do you want the best pool inspection available?  Don’t rely on somebody who was just trained on what to look for.  Buy It Right Home Inspections has actually built them, so we know from experience what to look for.  We have an extensive 28 point check list that covers every aspect from the smallest pools to the largest with all the features.  We inspect using an Advanced Standards of Practice so you know you are getting the best.  Do you have a commercial high pressure misting system around your pool?  No problem.  We have experience with those as well.   We won’t skip it because the state minimum requirements say we can.  Many pool and spa components are expensive to repair, and inspections can help home buyers avoid long-term damage and give our clients more bargaining power after the inspection!

Guest House Inspections

Guest House Inspections

If your property includes a guest house, Buy It Right Home Inspections can perform an inspection, similar to the residential home inspection, on the visible and accessible components.

Irrigation System Inspections

Irrigation System Inspections

Buy It Right Home Inspections offers a basic inspection/test of sprinkler systems with every home inspection.   We also offer a full system inspection which includes location and verification of operating heads and any malfunctioning sections of the systems.   Most of the system is underground and, therefore, not visible to the inspector. However, it is a good idea to have the visible components of the system inspected for any damages that should be replaced to avoid further and more expensive damage.
Thermal imaging at Buy It Right Home Inspections

Thermal Imaging

Click the image for examples

Buy It Right Home Inspections utilizes the latest technology.  For an additional fee you can have a thermal image scan completed with your home inspection.  With the help of a thermal imager it allows the inspector to see problematic issues such as failing breakers, overloaded circuits and loose overheating connections within the electrical panels that would otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye. Thermal imaging can also find areas that are missing insulation,  leaks behind walls, moisture under sinks, overheated outlets and more that are not visible to the eye.

Drone roof inspection at Buy It Right Home Inspections

Aerial Roof Inspections

Click image for video:  This inspection benefited from the use of a drone. The 2 story height of the roof and close proximity of perimeter fencing made it impossible to inspect the roof outside of the solar panels by walking or use of a ladder.

Why pay for a roof inspection and have your inspector state that the roof was inaccessible?  Is your roof too tall, too steep or has solar panels restricting access?  By using a drone, Buy It Right Home Inspections avoids the pitfalls of others when they encounter an inaccessible roof.

Recommended for 11 Month Warranty inspections.  Some new home builders will threaten to void your roof warranty if it is walked on.  A roof inspection utilizing a drone will eliminate this possibility.

Termite Inspections at Buy It Right Home Inspections

Termite Inspections

No need to call another company.  Buy It Right Home Inspection is certified by the state of Arizona Office of Pest Management to perform your termite inspection. Included with your termite inspection is a 90 Warranty.  If termites are found within 90 days of our inspection, then treatment is free.

Pre-drywall phase inspections

Pre-Drywall Inspections / Phase Inspections

Once a home is completed, the guts of the home are no longer visible.  If you are having a home built, it is highly recommended that a pre-drywall inspection be completed so that all of the internal components can be checked.   These are also sometimes referred to as phase inspections.  During the build process, there will be a city/county inspection performed, but these inspector will only be looking at certain items and will only be in the home for approximately 20 minutes.  It is impossible to do a thorough inspection in this little amount of time.  The city/county inspectors are also not concerned about many factors that can affect a homes performance later.   They are only looking for code violations.  They are not concerned with things like placement of HVAC ductwork, proper application of sealants to prevent pests,  usability after completion to name just a few things.  Placement of HVAC ductwork/registers can determine how well the system functions.  There are best practices that may or may not be followed.  Placement of fixtures like toilets can make use awkward once completed.  Buy It Right Home Inspectors spend an approximately 1 hour per 1,000 sq/ft inspecting the property.  A thorough report is completed with images of the defects that can be given to the builder and repairs can be made before the dry-wall is installed.  Once dry-wall is installed, repairs become much more difficult.

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