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Buy It Right Home Inspections wants to make sure that our clients have a complete understanding of their future home and all of the findings in the inspection report. We are committed to our clients and display patience, quality, and professionalism throughout the inspection process. We welcome home buyers to accompany us following the inspection to learn about the home’s components and their current conditions. We complete your report on site and print a summary for your convenience.  Additionally, time is taken at the end of the inspection to fully explain any issues that may have been found and answer any questions you may have.  You are encouraged to contact us after the inspection if you have additional questions.

An Interactive, Fast, and Simple Home Inspection Report

Each inspection performed by Buy It Right Home Inspections includes a report generated using the latest software. This software produces a thorough digital report of our findings that customers can access from a computer or mobile device immediately after the inspection is completed. It features an interactive Create Request List™ (CRL™) tool that customers can use to select any issues found during the inspection and show how they’d like to resolve them. This tool smooths out communications between inspector, realtor, seller, and buyer, and it is a unique and convenient addition to the home inspection report.


Advanced Standards of Practice

Buy It Right Home Inspections utilizes an Advanced Standards of Practice.  Home inspections in Arizona are required to adhere to the  minimum Standards of Practice governed by the state.  Buy It Right Home Inspections has adopted an Advanced Standards of Practice that exceeds the states minimum requirements.  Our average inspection time is 3 hrs on a 1,500-2000 sq/ft home.  We perform a better inspection period!  This gives the Buyer more bargaining power after the inspection to negotiate repairs and Seller concessions.

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